About Us

It has been an exciting time for Wood Fired Flatbreads.  We've learned so much along the way and we've met so many great people that love pizza.  Our ongoing commitment is to continually improve - efficiency, flavor profiles and more.  We feel we are the perfect mix of talent combining operations and a passion for great pizza.  Now here's a bit of background.

Kim owned and ran Basket Affair for more than 25 years before we sold the business at the end of 2011.  She's provided hospitality gifts, centerpieces and more to personal and business events for all of those years.  Perfection is a requirement for Kim...not just a goal.  She ensures that everything looks right and everything is where it should be.  Taste, a discerning eye and operations management are just a few of the talents Kim brings to the business.

Kerien was part of the Pittsburgh robotics initiative for more than 15 years before co-founding a company that mixed robotics and restaurants.  Food has been in his life longer than that - his food roots trace back to 1905 when his great grandmother started a food concession at the Minnesota State Fair.  Every year Kerien's family would trek up to Minnesota for the fair.  Technology, marketing and food preparation are a few of the talents Kerien brings to the business.

We think the combination of our backgrounds is a perfect match for the needs of a business such as Wood Fired Flatbreads.  We know what it takes to get the job done right  and we know the only thing that counts is getting the job done right. 

Kim and Kerien Fitzpatrick
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